Here, at Key2licence Driving School we have driving courses that cater to the needs and requirements of individual driving students so that you can concentrate better on driving safely once you graduate from our school. We prioritize in making you a safe and confident driver on the streets after you pass our tests. Irrespective of whether you just need to brush up on your skills or just a rank beginner our courses offer some of the best lessons there is in Sydney, and we provide these courses in a wide range of price plans. Each of these courses has been carefully designed so that you can become a driver in little to no time at all.

Learner Drivers

If you have already decided to learn the art of driving then you must consider our courses as learning how to drive can indeed be a daunting task. However, with our courses and instructors by your side, you are sure to have jolly good time learning. Don’t worry if it’s your first time. We have instructors who can teach you the absolute basics so that you can gradually progress in time to the higher levels and eventually become an accomplished driver.

At Key2license Driving School we strictly abide by the regulations set forth by the NSW RMS. We also make the learning experience as fun as possible by instructing our learners in the proper way of steering and braking, maneuvering, decision making, road positioning, hazard perception, and response, road rules traffic signs, etc. With time, our lessons will develop you into a confident driver.

Conversions of Overseas Licence

We also help our learners to obtain an NSW license by teaching them the essentials required to pass the driving test. We train such students in road rules, three-point turn, reverse parking, RMS test routes, etc.

Preparation for the Driving Test

Our instructors are fully adept at preparing you for the actual practical of your driving test by building up your confidence and also by providing you with key pointers on aspects such as kerbside stopping, three-point turn, and other maneuvers so that you meet the RMS driving test requirement and assessment criteria.

Pre Driving Test Assessment

All our driving instructors are RMS accredited and they are very much familiar with the norms of it. This makes them a perfect fit for as they will be able to guide you exactly following the norms so that you pass your driving tests.

If you are not sure if you are ready for the actual test you can book a Pre Driving Test Assessment with us and we will assess you exactly like the real test. We use the RMS test routes for your test and we provide a score based on your driving skills which will indicate if you are ready for a license. After this, our trainers will mark out the areas which they deem needs improvement and will set a training plan accordingly.

In short, we are here for you all through the way!! It is this dedication of ours that has enabled some learners to get 100% on their practical driving test.

Keys2drive Free Lesson

We are funded by the Australian Government and we provide driver safety programs to learner drivers and their parent/supervisor for free with the help of accredited driver instructors. We are proud to be involved in such a venture and that too with the support of highly able instructors. These lessons can be booked during any stage of the learning curve; however, we recommend the beginner stages so that the lessons can be incorporated into the driving instruction process.

To book a lesson you first need to register at After this, you will be provided with a unique id number which you must quote while you are booking your lesson. After this, you can call us at 0431236315 and book your keys2drive lesson. For more information about the program feel free to visit us at

Refresher Courses

These courses are specially designed for those who think they might need to brush up on their driving skills and have not driven for some time. It is also best suited for those who have failed their driving test and needs help with booking their new test in which case we also assist them by providing them with a vehicle.

Nervous Learners

Our instructors are highly specialized and accredited teachers who fully acknowledge the fact that some learners might be apprehensive or nervous in the beginning and also that they might require extra attention and time to become confident drivers. We provide suitable training places for each individual and our instructors help those who are a bit nervous by pointing out their areas of weakness and how they can improve their abilities.

Motorway/Highway or Night Driving

Feel you have all the basics covered and are a confident driver already? Then it’s time to take things up a notch. If you are holding a license, then our instructors will provide you with motorway, highway, or night tuition so that you can become an even more accomplished in your art and can drive safely.

Our doors are opened for you 7 days of the week and you can call us anytime at 0431236315 (even on weekends or late evenings) for information regarding how to get started with our lessons, access to our special offers, packages, etc.
Feel free to review our customer testimonials. You can either book online or can also request a callback or simply send us a text.

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